General information on Finteria

First steps on Finteria platform

Here you can find a Quick Start guide which will lead you through registration process.

Once you are signed up, you will receive free useful tools and features in your inbox. Thus far, the steps are as follows:

  • Receive Demo & Live trading account credentials for the and trading platforms

  • Pass KYC (optional, but is needed for Withdrawals)

  • Deposit as low as 50 USD with your bank card or 10 USD with crypto and top up your funds in less than 15 minutes!

  • After your first deposit, you’ll receive a 100 USD promo code for your next deposit.

  • Moreover, you have a choice to accept bonuses for every deposit: 25% to 500 USD, 50% from 500 to 1000 USD, and 100% from 1000 USD!

Finteria Trader platform provide trading operations on Forex, Crypto and Commodities markets. Likewise, the charts for more than 100 trading instruments are provided by TradingView, which allows for a flexible set of analytical tools, from backtesting to indicators alike

What is the easiest way to deposit on Finteria?

The easiest way to deposit money into the Live trading account is through a crypto transaction: the minimum deposit is an equivalent of 10 USD, and the expected arrival time takes up to 5 minutes.

For clarity, here are screenshots of the deposit process with Crypto: on the following screenshots, you can choose the currencies you prefer the most out of 20 fundamental cryptocurrencies available.

Overall, Finteria distinguishes three Crypto funding methods by the level of ubiquity.

  • If you prefer Bitcoin as the first cryptocurrency of your choice, pick the “Bitcoin” option available in funding methods. Your deposit will be processed in 3 block confirmations which usually takes up to 5 minutes.

  • If you prefer USDT for low network fees over the Tron network, head over to the USDT option in funding methods. Moreover, if you hold USDT in ERC20 form, then make sure to switch to ERC20 accordingly.

  • If you prefer other 18 fundamental cryptocurrencies, choose the “Crypto” option in funding methods.

Finally, the deposit address and QR code will be generated which you should apply in your crypto wallet or exchange app. Voilà, now you have topped up your account in the easiest way possible! No need to wait for bank transfers 🙂

Do I need to provide documents to start trading?

You will need to pass KYC procedure to be able to use all the platform features. The account verification can be done via this page.

How can I make profit on Finteria?

You can make profit from speculative operations on Forex, Crypto and Commodities markets. All you need is to trade profitably on your real account.

How much money can I make?

Your profits will depend on your patience, trading decisions and the success of your trading strategies. We always advice to test any strategy on demo account before using it on real account.

What are Binary options?

A Binary option is a financial product based on the outcome whether the option expires in the money or not. Every binary option has open price, investment amount and expiration price and expiration time.

Is there a Demo account for Binary Options trading on Finteria?

A demo account is available on the main page. Also, a demo balance option is available directly in your account allowing you to try it risk free!

Can I get a profit on the demo account?

Demo account is used to practice and to become familiar with platform and Binary Options trading in general. Demo account is not credited with real money. No withdrawal is available from demo account. If you want to make profit from Binary Options trading - make a deposit and trade on real account.

What is open price?

Open price is the price of the chosen asset at the moment of option purchase.

What is expiration price?

Expiration price is the price of the chosen asset at the moment of preselected option expiration.

What is expiration time?

Expiration time is the time when the financial result of the Binary option is calculated. For example, If you purchased a "Higher" option, then the expiration price should be higher than open price.

What assets are available for Binary options trading?

For binary options trading we offer a wide range of 33 Forex assets and 21 Crypto assets.

What expirations are available?

You can choose from preselected expirations between 1 minute and 3 hours. Moreover, you can manualy input an expiration of your choice till the end of the day.

What is the profitability of Binary options?

Profitability depends on the asset. You can receive a profit up to 90%.

What is minimum option investment?

Minimum Binary options investment starts from USD 1.

Are there any fees when trading Binary Options?

No fees are incurred when trading Binary Options.

How do I receive profit from in-the-money trades?

Profits from correct predictions are automatically added to your balance.

What if my trade is out-of-money?

If a prediction is incorrect, the loss from this prediction will be equal to the 'Amount' selected when initially making your prediction (i.e. if you selected an Amount of10 USD when making a prediction which turned out to be incorrect, the loss for this prediction will be equal to 10 USD).

Can I cancel an opened trade?

Once a trade is opened it cannot be canceled.

Where can I see my trading history?

Your latest trades are reflected in your Trade History menu in the Closed section.

Why did my balance decrease after I made a trade?

When making a trade, the 'Amount' of funds selected for this trade will be immediately deducted from your balance. If your trade is in-the-money, these funds will be automatically returned to your balance, along with the profit received for correctly predicting the price change.

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