How does Binary Options trading work?

How does Binary Options trading work?

Once an asset is chosen from the list, the trading management tab will have a Profitability indicator of that particular asset in the top bar.

Furthermore, the deal closes automatically at the expiration time, and, as such, this time can not be changed. Available periods start from 30 seconds and go up to 3 hours. A trader can switch time periods by clicking on the top bar of the trading management section.

The final reward is calculated as an initial investment amount times the profit percentage. On the screenshot, a trader will receive 9 USD on top of his 10 USD investment if his trade is in the money.

Furthermore, the lower section of the management tab has two buttons, HIGHER (up) and LOWER (down) guesses of the asset's price movement. On the screenshot, let's assume a trader expects that the EUR will move up between the 29th and 30th seconds. Hence, she clicked on the “HIGHER” button to place an order.

Here, the trader was successful to close the deal as the asset's price went up between the 29th and 30th seconds. Hence, a profit amount of 19 USD was added to the trader's portfolio.

In the CLOSED trades tab, a trader can see the detalization of his orders. Please, note that the open price could be smaller initially as the penultimate second only determines a trade's success.

You have now learned the mechanics of Binary Options trading under the Fixed Time mode!

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