How to pass a KYC procedure

KYC is a Know-your-customer procedure used to prove that the client is of legal age and jurisdiction. Also KYC is used to prevent money laundering. At Finteria passing KYC is needed only before making withdrawal.

Verification and Personal Data Policy

To make sure all the services on Finteria comply with due diligence, a client should apply for verification of her identity. Hence, as per point 11.1 of the Client Agreement signed before the start of trading on a client’s Live account, the personal data is not disclosed to any third parties not involved with AML regulation.

Personal Verification

  • In order to start the procedure please click Profile in My Account menu.

  • There, use Verification tab. Please, input your name and surname the way it is in your passport or ID card.

  • Then, you will need to sign the Client agreement. Just post your signature there by holding left mouse button and drawing.

  • Next step is choosing between passport and ID card. Unfortunatley, we can not accept voting card or any other document.

Then, you will need to make a selfie of you, holding your document.

Here is an example for you:

Just make sure, that all data on the document is clearly visible.

Once everything is uploaded, please press Submit button.

Your documents will be sent to our staff and we will check it shortly.

If something was not correct, then you will receive a message like this:

Please, follow these messages and make another photos.

  • Once everything is correct - your account will be verified.

Email and Phone Verification

Verified email and phone number provide a better way of outreach in case of urgent questions on client’s side and updates on platform’s side. To verify her contacts, a client should click on the Profile section, and then move to the General bar.

  • Click on the Verify button and will receive an email in a minute - then, you should enter the code in a message prompt.

  • To verify the phone number, you should add it first.

  • Once the number is added, an SMS code will be required to complete the verification.

Input a code and your number will be verified.

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