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What kind of trading accounts do you provide?

  • Demo account. It is fulfilled with 10`000 USD for testing purposes. This can be anything, backtesting or other trading strategies you want to try safely, with no loss of actual funds.

  • Live account. It can be topped up with a deposit through crypto or fiat followed by bonuses and promo codes. Likewise, the leverage helps to boost your profit as you will trade the amounts multiplied by ratios, from 10x to 500x which vary by a trading pair.

So far, the platform provides more than 100 trading instruments from Crypto, Fiat, and Commodities markets. Fortunately, safety is our top priority, which is why we don’t list new and not-audited tokens – tons of them are being used for fraudulent purposes. We trade safely!

Can I create a demo account for risk free trading simulation?

Yes, you can try our platform using Demo account which is prefunded with 10 000 demo funds.

What markets can I trade?

We offer trading on Cryptocurrencies, Forex, and Commodities.

What is Double Up?

Double Up is a feature that allows you to replicate an existing trade. This option is available only when more than 25% of the contract duration remains. Once activated, a new trade begins at the market price at the time of duplication, mirroring the original trade's conditions, including the investment amount and the chosen asset.

What is Rollover?

Rollover is a tool used to prolong the expiry time of an open position that is currently not in favor (losing). When you apply Rollover, the expiry time of your position is extended by 100%. Along with this extension, the trade's investment increases by 30%. This option can only be used if your account balance is sufficient to cover the increased investment, and it's available only when more than 25% of the original contract time is left.

What is Sell?

The Sell function allows you to close a trade before expiration. This option is available only if the trade is in profit by at least 0.1%. Upon choosing to Sell, the trade is immediately closed and trade amounts is returned to the balance.

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