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What is a minimum deposit?

The minimum initial deposit is $100 or equivalent in another currency. However, the minimum deposit amount using a bank card starts from $50.

How to deposit if I don’t have any crypto experience?

To deposit with fiat assets, you can buy Bitcoin through one of the secured payment providers, and the actual exchange depends on your geographical jurisdiction. Most of our clients have seen MoonPay and Banxa popping up, which are the ubiquitous solutions for Fiat-to-Crypto conversion operations. And, most importantly, they are easily understandable — all you need is to follow the steps provided by the platform, nothing else.

What are the terms of the bonus policy?

If you feel startled by this officially notarized document, let’s dissect it into digestible chunks. First, we are making sure that the bonuses are not used in any fraudulent way, and, once you claim the bonus, you will need to accumulate a trading turnover volume based on the type of account:

  • For margin account, the formula is 25`000 * Bonus Amount.

  • For options account the formula is 3 * (Bonus Amount + Deposit Amount).

The leverage multiplicity will be shown on the trading platform when you choose a pair. Hence, if you trade the EUR/USD instrument, you’ll have your turnover volume divided by 500x leading you to 37`500 of the actual amount you need to accumulate in a number of days.

For a more solid look, we suggest you read the document.

What currencies are available in Wallet?

Finteria Wallet is a secure place where you store your fiat and crypto funds. Wallets are created using private and public keys. With access to a crypto wallet, you can check your balance and transaction history and move funds around the world using the blockchain. Likewise, you can allocate your assets to Live trading account in any amount needed.

In the My Account → Wallets section, you will see four main currencies, which are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), USDT, and fiat USD. Also, you can add thirteen Crypto and Fiat currencies available in the Add Wallet button of the Wallet page. Scroll down for your preferred options, and click the Confirm button to add them to your Wallet.

Withdrawing crypto from your Finteria account

To withdraw your funds, sign in to your Finteria account and click on the My Account followed by a click on the Trading Accounts button. The page will show your available trading accounts, including live accounts, from which you can withdraw your funds by clicking the Withdraw button. Here you will need to choose the Currency you wish to withdraw, the Network, the amount you want to withdraw and then do not forget to indicate the address of your external wallet.

Please note, that you need to Verify your account, to be able to make a withdrawal.

At this time, Finteria is a cryptocurrency-only service, meaning you can’t link your bank account directly to your account. You can withdraw any crypto you have directly to any crypto address outside Finteria. From there, you can convert the crypto to cash and withdraw the funds to a linked bank account. For a list of safe Crypto-to-Fiat converters, please follow this link .

Moreover, if you claim bonuses, please, consult the Bonus policy as you will need to trade certain turnover to be able to withdraw. These protective measures do not apply if you did not claim the bonuses offered. Hence, you will have free access to transfer your tokens and stablecoins anytime.

What are withdrawal fees?

There are no withdrawal fees for fiat currencies. The fees for crypto withdrawals depend on network fees and the current state of the blockchain network.

Maintenance fee of 20% will be applied on each withdrawal, if the turnover requirement is not completed.

The turnover requirements are following:

  • For accounts without bonus Turnover requirement is 1x the sum of all deposits.

  • For accounts with bonuses Turnover requirement is 3x the sum of all deposits and bonuses. Upon withdrawal, profits may be removed if the turnover requirement is not completed.

What are the commissions on trading?

Finteria offers trading with zero commissions.

Are there any withdrawal limits?

We do not limit any withdrawals. You can request to withdraw as much as you have on your wallet.

Are the funds frozen once the withdrawal request is made?

All funds are at your disposal just before the withdrawal request is processed. Simply, make sure that you have enough funds in your wallet, otherwise the withdrawal request might be canceled.

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